The Problem


As digital product become more pervasive, finding ways for print publishing to innovate and continue to create revenue is paramount. Nochtun offers a glimpse into how a highly integrated digital and print publication might look in the future.



The Process

Nochtun Sketches.jpg


Much of the ideation and iteration of Nochtun was done digitally within Sketch. The iteration process was focused on subtle elements such as color and typeface.


PROfile: Sonja

Sonja is a 20 year old university student who is working on her degree in Video and Performance Art at The University of the Arts in Berlin. Although she studies art, she never wants to be nailed down to one thing, she loves music, art , and fashion design and considers everything connected.


• Vice

•Dazed and Confused Magazine

• Nylon Magazine

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Revenue model

Nochtun is a hybrid digital experience. Readers buy a copy, scan the RFID and have access to the app.

The value would come firstly from the purchase of the paper version, secondly from paid advertising inside the app, and thirdly to inform the publisher about the popularity of articles and give them never before available user data.



Nochtun is a concept for hybrid publication set in the future.

I wanted to push boundaries and rethink what's possible, and at the same time learn how to use Principle to create stunning interactive animations.

What will our designs looks like as our design tools become better and better at generating code?



What if graphic design editorial elements are also navigation?

Music Main.jpg

Music - Home

Music to Feature_smaller:shorter.gif

Music MAin => Feature

Music Feat 2.jpg

Music Feature

WAV Transition.gif

Music feature => player

Mov Transition.gif


Transitions are part of what makes Nochtun so unexpected and delightful: the surprising way elements behave as they take on different forms.


Video Player

Fash Main.jpg

Fashion - Home

Fash Feat.jpg

Fashion - Feature

Scroll_2 3.gif


Art Main.jpg

Art - Home

Art Feat.jpg

Art - Feature

Art + Fash.jpg

Cross over

Especially within the arts, content falls between categories. In Nochtun articles can exist in more than one category (music, art, fashion) at once .

good design is good business
— Thomas J. Watson