The Problem


Families in suburban settings often miss out on the chance to borrow tools from neighbors because they are unaware of what is available in their own community. Growing up, I noticed that our family only shared tools with next door neighbors, although there was much greater potential within the neighborhood. I wanted to fix that problem by designing an app which would facilitate sharing amongst neighbors.



The Process

Profile Display.jpg

User Profile:

The Coopers

A young family that recently relocated from Sacramento, California to Portland, Oregon. The Coopers value living with meaningful connections to their neighbors and community and often refer to themselves as “suburban minimalists.”


• Hiking • Camping

• Organic Gardening


• Minimalism • Sharing

• Ethical Products • Sustainability


• Combined Income - 173,000. • Ages 29 & 31

• 1 Child (Maddison, age 3) • Caucasian


• Toyota • The North Face • Trader Joes • Land’s End


Revenue Model

TooLoo would be free to download and use, the revenue is generated through collecting users' data (with their consent). Hardware retailers such as Home Depot and Lowe’s could use the information to better understand the needs of their customers or offer their customers a branded version of the app. There is also the possibility to include small, relevant advertisements imbedded in TooLoo, tailored to what tools the neighborhood might need most, and encouraging those who have less to share to buy what is lacking from the neighborhood's ecosystem


Competitive Analysis

Although there are apps which provide similar services such as My Shed (UK) and Black & Decker Social Tools, TooLoo is unique because it’s free to users from the onset. In most cases, the indirect competitors include an element of payment for rental, or they are trying to tackle a much broader problem (Nextdoor, for example, is an entire social network). TooLoo keeps it simple.

Sketches Display.jpg

Sketches + Wireframes

I always find it helpful to bounce back and forth between digital and physical drawings, here are some of the wireframe I used to quickly gain clarity about the layout of TooLoo.

Iterations Display.jpg

UI Design

The look and feel of TooLoo went through many iterations. I used Google material to create the end product, it made the process faster, increased accessibility and ensured the designs would be inexpensive to develop.

The Product

Splash Screen.jpg


A concept for a lightweight app, focused on making it easy to see what tools neighbors have to share, schedule a time to borrow them, and send messages to coordinate it all.

TooLoo Display Page 1.jpg

Make a profile, f

ind your neighborhood,

request to join.

TooLoo Display Page 2.jpg

Get verified, explore, and borrow.

TooLoo Display Page 3.jpg

Add a tool,

or remove one.

TooLoo Display Page 3.jpg

Keep Track.


Try out the prototype I made with Invision for yourself